FLDS Programs

The curriculum at FLDS is designed to engage the children with hands-on learning experiences and allow them to feel the warmth of Jesus. Fundamental academic studies are part of each student’s day. Using developmentally appropriate instruction, students learn about…

Christian Development

Children of all ages are invited to learn and grow while having fun! Everyday, children participate in Bible stories, uplifting songs, fun games, group work, silent prayer, and weekly chapel. Children are encouraged to play and work together, recognizing the gift of relationships. They also get involved in a variety of service projects including food and toy drives for CCA and Operation Christmas Child.

Language Arts

Every child learns to develop reading and listening skills through exciting activities, interactive stories, and designated reading and writing times. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss


Math can be boring, but we make it fun! For children ages two and up, math and counting skills are introduced in small group instruction along with hands-on, manipulative learning. Getting a head start in math before your child's elementary school career begins is certainly a plus.

Science & Social Studies

God created a wonderful world for His children to explore. Children of all ages learn about their world through exploration, multi-sensory activities, and outdoor discovery sessions in the learning garden.

Concepts & Fine Motor Skills

For kids through age 4, developing fine motor skills through manipulatives, introducing fundamental concepts, and spatial orientation


Children participate in Chapel weekly. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend. Bible messages introduced in Chapel are included in daily classroom activities.


Music cultivates the mind and heart like nothing else can. Our Three year old, Four year old, and pre-k programs attend music class once a week, using a medium variety of musical styles, songs, and rhythmic instruments. Kindergarten attends music twice a week, including beginning music theory and playing hand bells, recorders and other melodic instruments in an ensemble setting.

The Learning Garden

The kindergarten and prekindergarten classes learn how to grow vegetables and what is needed to make a plant grow. The children plant seeds, water the garden, and place mulch between the rows of plants. They learn about the different parts of plants and how to monitor the amount of rain that the garden receives.

The children also help plant a small wildflower garden, with the hope of new flowers for the spring. They watch monarch butterflies on the milkweed plants and blue mistflowers. They observe the caterpillars for various butterflies and get excited about all the insects they see.

The Faith Lutherean Day School Team is excited to have the Learning Garden. It is well known that children improve their learning when they can play outside. Learning by participation in the gardening effort has been a great addition to the curriculum.

Some of the parents of the kindergartners also assist in the garden. Having the families work together in the garden is a wonderful family activity for learning and fun.


Did you know that 12% of the Texas population speaks only Spanish? Students will learn basic verbs and nouns through entertaining, educational games and activities to broaden their sense of our society. Aprender a hablar español es divertido y beneficioso! (Learning to speak Spanish is fun and beneficial!)

Fit For Faith

Get active! A key to a healthy mind and a strong heart is the power of play. Two year olds through kindergarten students participate in fun-filled physical activities each week. Students play sports, learn to work as a team and even get their groove on on the dance floor! The body is the temple and keeping it healthy is important!


Technology is the future of the world and learning it is exciting! Students will use tablets to solve problems and play games to familiarize themselves with technology. They even learn to draw letters and symbols on programs that provide helpful tips and strategies to strengthen writing skills!

Extended Day Programs

Extended day program are offered until 2:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday for children in the two year old program through kindergarten. Additional fees apply.

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