Lori Fetner

Ms. Lori

Lori Fetner

Enthusiastic, encouraging, and caring

About Ms. Lori

What I love about my job:

I love many components of my job, but I especially love researching the most current teaching methods that make the children eager to learn.

I jump out of bed to come to work because I get to:

  • Pray and work alongside some of the Godliest women I know.

My prayer each day:

Is that each child can know and feel God’s love because of something he experienced in the school day.

Three words that best describe me:

Enthusiastic, encouraging, and caring

A little bit more about Ms. Lori:

I have always loved school and when my husband and I began raising our son and daughter, I became involved and interested in their learning. Teaching at FLDS was a wonderful opportunity to allow me to be part of a school environment and be on their schedule. The fact that it is a faith based school allows me to share my love of God and church with the children and families who come through our doors. It doesn’t get much better! Oh yes, my adult children both started at FLDS when they were two!

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