Cheryl Kline

Ms. Cheryl

Cheryl Kline

Loving, adaptable, creative

About Ms. Cheryl

What I love about my job:

”I love seeing the world through the children’s eyes. They help to remind me what is truly important in life.”

I jump out of bed to come to work because I get to:

  • Teach children about Him and His love for us.
  • Foster a love of learning in the children.
  • Be creative with the projects to make them fun and learning focused at each child’s level.

My prayer each day:

”the children feel safe, have fun, and learn something new each day.”

Three words that best describe me:

Loving, adaptable, creative

A little more about Ms. Cheryl:

I have always known that I would work with children. As a kid I played school a lot. We had a crawl space in our basement that my sister and I turned into a school and would take turns being the teacher—my favorite part. Teaching at FLDS always works great with being a mom—the work schedule is perfect. I am home when my daughter comes home from school. I truly believe that God led me to work at FLDS and to teach young children about Him and His love for us. I also love the outdoors and feel it is important to take care of the earth that God trusted us with. I also work for an organization where I educate people on the importance of water conservation and protecting our world’s natural resources.

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