Bethann Vidmar

Ms. Bethann

Bethann Vidmar

Smiling, joyful, always on the move

About Ms. Bethann

What I love about my job:

”I get to share my excitement about Jesus and my love of music with children.”

I jump out of bed to come to work because I get to:

  • Watch the joy in children’s eyes as they ”get it”.
  • Laugh, sing and play.
  • Share God’s ever-present and everlasting love with the children, so that they can use that love to make positive decisions in their lives.

My prayer each day:

”is that the children know that God loves them, and that they experience the happy feelings music brings.”

Three words that best describe me:

Smiling, joyful, always on the move

A little more about Ms. Bethann:

I have loved singing and playing music since I could talk. At the age of 15, I began my journey of leading children’s praise music … seems like a century ago! Even when I worked as a federal financial analyst for many years, I always directed choirs and Sunday school music on weekends. Now I get to share my faith, and truthfully, my faith has grown to the point that I can’t hold it in! It is part of everything I do. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit blessed me with the gift of joy. FLDS allows me to let it all out … joy, music and faith.